Things To Do in Santorini


The one and only sure thing that you are going to do is make some postcard like pictures.
Now…you have the change to be THE photographer.Keep your pictures safe ,Santorini is one of the Must visit places of our small earth.

Book a boat tour to the Caldera and of course to the Volcano.You are going to need your sunscreen a ticket and a nice day to do that.Estimated cost…around 20 – 30 euro if you take the simple way.If are into the more luxurious ways you can book a private cruise and take advantage of your privacy.

Santorini is one of the major producers of quality white wine in Greece.Yes it is…
The main grape here is the famous Assyrtiko that reminds a Sauvignon Blanc but with its own character of course.
In Santorini you can visit about 10 wineries ,most of them offer wine tastings for a small fee and others also offer guided tours within the winery.
There is also a wine shop in Oia that organizes wine tasting’s every Saturday during all summer.(Santorini Travel Advisor tip: It is FREE)
The wine shop is called Iama Wine Store ,easy to find it is just on the main road that leads to the village of Oia.(
Here are some of the wineries you could visit.
Boutari winery in Megalochori ( visit for more info) Gavalas winery in Megalochori, The wine museum in Vothonas, Santo Wines winery (Amazing view).

Santorini has some great places to visit.One of them is the red beach in Akrotiri.It looks like it is a part of Mars ,all in red with the black contrast of the rest of the island …just amazing (Santorini Travel Advisor Tip:
Go early it is too crowded later on).

Greece is wellknown for its Gold quality.Santorini Gold street is located in Fira and offers and extensive collection of jewels and also most of the hot brands like the luxury watches (Rolex – Tag – Omega etc.).You could find something from 10 euro to 500.000 euros so think before you take your wife for a walk on that street :)

Santorini as any other Greek island offers some very nice cuisine.You have to eat fresh fish and the local dishes like the pseto keftedes (tomato rissoles) and the Santorini Fava.Good places to do that ….Try Ammoudi in Oia for fish and also have a look on our restaurant reviews.

Treestyle Hostel Reviews

treestyleLocated a mere 10 minute walk from the heart of Budapest, Treestyle Hostel is located in the heart of the local nightlife. The metro and night buses are only a 5 minute walk away, making this hostel the destination to be for tourists who wish to experience Budapest at all hours of the day and night. For booking, visit

Value for money
The general opinion is that the Treestyle Hostel provides excellent value for their cost. Past visitors frequently reference the cheap cost of the hostel, which would make it a good option for travellers on a budget.

The service and cleanliness
Reviewers frequently state how clean the Treestyle Hostel is. They pride themselves on being an eco-consious company, and the housekeeping is done with environmentally sound products. There is a daily housekeeping service that keeps the hostel clean. They also provide clean linens. Towels are available for an affordable fee.

The staff
There is a 24 hour reception, making staff available to their visitors at all hours to advise on local attractions and guide them on how to get there. In addition to free local maps, staff are also equipped to sell tickets to the metro and major attractions. Reviewers describe the staff as exceptionally friendly and helpful, and often reference going above the call of duty to provide good customer service.

The hostel is equipped with a full kitchen, coffee and tea making facilities, and a common room. There is a free WiFi, as well as a reading light and electrical socket next to every bed. The showers have been criticized for being located in a small narrow space, so there is little room to towel off and dress yourself. There are lockers on site, as well as a service to store your luggage.

The atmosphere
The rooms are small but adequate. They have large windows and provide lots of natural light in the morning. The rooms are generally quiet, with the exception of unruly guests, and most have a good nights sleep during their stay.

There is no curfew at the Treestyle Hostel, meaning guests can come and go as they please with their key card access. There is no smoking, so if you smoke you will need to go outside. There is a one day cancellation policy, so if you cancel within that window you will be charged for the first night of your stay. There is a two night minimum policy. Check in is at 3 p.m. and check out is at 11 a.m.

The summary
The Treestyle Hostel is a great option for your stay in Budapest. It is cheap, clean, the staff are friendly, and they provide all the services a backpacking tourist could ask for.

Root Canal or Dental Implants

rootcanalAre you faced with the dilemma of having a root canal or dental implants? Many find themselves in the very same situation and seek the ultimate solution to their teeth problems. Gaining a better understanding of these two distinctive dental procedures can help you come up with the right decision towards achieving optimal oral health.

Root Canal Therapy vs Dental Implants

A root canal treatment is primarily performed on a tooth that’s badly infected or decayed, or the pulp has gotten damaged, in the light of saving it from extraction and relieving you from pain. This is applicable when it still has good bone support and adequate tooth structure, enough to retain a highly valuable tooth. Otherwise, if the infection is severe and the tooth has been compromised with massive damages, it’s a practical thing to have it pulled out instead and a dental implant considered in its place.

If your main concern is a missing tooth or one that’s soon-to-be extracted and can no longer be saved, then dental implantation is the best option. It is imperative that a missing tooth be replaced in due time since it may cause dental concerns such as crooked teeth, shifting, overcrowding, bite issues, deterioration of the jawbone, and may have adverse effects on a person’s confidence. A new tooth will be set permanently in the form of a dental implant that resembles your natural teeth.

Your dentist will typically perform a thorough check and conduct tooth x-rays to determine the most accurate solution tailored to the condition of your teeth and specific needs.

The Best Replacement Option for Missing Teeth

Dentures are quite popular for replacing lost teeth at fairly affordable prices. The problem is, it can also lead to decay and cavities of surrounding teeth if proper oral hygiene is not observed, since food debris tend to get stuck in the material. Dental implants prove to be the best option, eliminating this possibility along with the discomfort and pain, clicking and embarrassment that come with dentures. Also, it does not require adjacent teeth to be ground down or reshapened unlike when getting dental bridges, thereby preserving your other natural teeth. You will be most comfortable being yourself and showing off that beautiful smile!